Fårupvej 58, 7300 Jelling

Jelling City

Activities in the area of Jelling 

Jelling area

A beautiful walk through the forrest will get you to what we call the “birth certificate of Denmark”.
Fårup Sø Camping is located in some of Denmark’s most beautiful nature. Just a 3 min. walk from here you will find Jelling forest, where There are several marked hiking trails. Only 2.5 km from here comes to Jelling town. Ask in the reception for brochures and guides.

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Golf, runestones/mounds and Jelling church

For golfing enthusiasts there is also Jelling’s magnificent per 3 course as well as an 18 hole course. The main path through Jelling forest, takes you up to Jelling town, which is partly a small cozy town as well as a significant place. For over 1,000 years ago, Jelling was the residence of the Danish kings. Between the rune stones and the hills lies Jelling’s cozy church, which among other things. contains the country’s oldest frescoes.

You should also visit “Kongernes Jelling” – the entrance is free. 

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Knud Nielsen – famous painter

The world famous artist Knud Nielsen can be seen at Vindelev Kro. & Gallery just 8 km away. Whether interested in art or not, it is definitely a worthy and very cozy place to have afternoon coffee.

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On Sundays in July and August you can get out for a cheap money with the vintage train Jelling-Grejsdal-Vejle, which is an exceptionally beautiful train ride while it is a very special experience to get out with the old steam locomotive.

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Other excursion destinations

There are many interesting places within a radius of 20 km around Fårup Sø Camping, which is definitely worth a visit; for instance the Egtved girl, Engelsholm Castle, Tørskin Grave, Bindeballe Grocery and Randbøl Hede. Just 113 km from here you reach the Danish / German border – and in one hour you reach either Fyn or Aarhus. For the children, there is both the Playland and the Økolariet to visit, fun and educational, also for adults.

We will help you with further information and guides in our reception.

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