Jelling City

Well over 1000 years ago, Jelling was the residence of the Danish kings

Pure idyll by Fårup Lake and
cosiness and history in Jelling town

Part of the summer, the Viking ship “Jelling Orm” is on the lake. Next to Fårup Sø Camping you will find Skovdal Kro, Fårup Sø Kiosk and Jelling Put & Take.

A beautiful walk through Jelling forest leads you to the small station town Jelling, which has its own brewery, several cafes and inns, supermarkets, cinema, pharmacy, golf course and cozy shops.

Visit 2 major UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Jelling Church has the country’s oldest frescoes. The museum Kongernes Jelling tells vividly and excitingly about “Denmark’s baptismal certificate” with i.a. the rune stones and burial mounds from the Viking Age. Around the year 965, King Harald Bluetooth erected the large rune stone in Jelling.

On Sundays in July and August, you can for a cheap money get out to ride with the veteran train Jelling – Grejsdal – Vejle, it is an unusually beautiful train ride and a very special experience to get out to ride with the old steam locomotive.

OTHER EXCURSION DESTINATIONS – within a radius of 25 km you can:
– play in LEGO House
– get very close to the deer game in Dyrehaven
– be impressed by Olafur Eliasson’s iconic building Fjordenhus
– be challenged in the climbing park Gorillapark
– learn new things in the Ecolarium
– stroll in Skyttehushaven and watch birds in aviaries
– notice the history at Egtvedpigen’s grave and Engelsholm Castle
– marvel at Robert Jacobsen sculpture park in Tørskind Gravel Pit
– take a time travel at Bindeballe Købmandsgård
– and enjoy nature at Syvårssøerne, Grejsdalen and Randbøl Hede