Fårupvej 58, 7300 Jelling


Three experiences with one ticket

Givskud Zoo is only 8 kilometres from Fårup Sø Camping.
The zoo is a large wildlife reserve with around 800 animals from different parts of the world; you can among others find lions, camels, llamas, zebras, and rhinoceros. You can freely drive through the wildlife reserve in your car, or you can go on a ride with the safari shuttle of the park.

Givskud Zoo has many things to offer and is therefore an attractive attraction for many families. There is also a petting zoo and you can explore the park by foot. If the adults need a break, but the children still are bursting with energy, you can also find a large playground. You can easily spend an entire day here. 

Read more on Givskud Zoo’s website


You can explore around six kilometres of trails by foot in Givskud Zoo and find many fascinating animals; elephants, gorillas, camels, wolves and many others.

Lion safari by car

You can drive through the lions’ territory by car. If you are not in a car, or if you prefer a guided tour, you can buy a ticket to go with the safari shuttle.


Discover the enormous dinosaurs, that seem very life-like in the beautiful forest in the dinosaur park. Go through the ages and meet the giant Argentinosaurus and the life threatening Tyrannosaurus Rex.


During the danish schools summer holiday Visitvejle has arranged a FREE shuttlebus which can take you to Legoland, Jelling, Givskud Zoo and more places. The bus stop is placed right by Fårup Sø Camping. Ask in the reception for bustimes and routes.