Fårupvej 58, 7300 Jelling


Activities minimum every 2. day

In our high season (summervacation) we have activities at least every 2. day. You will therefor be able to try multiple acitivites during your stay by us! All our activities are FREE, unless something else is written. 

Some of the things we do: Paint on stones, have pool parties, play ball games and roast marshmellows. 

See the activityprogram further down on this page

We especially love to….

Be creative!

During the danish school holiday we have our “crea-club” at least 2 times a week. Here we will make anything from necklaces out of coconut to painting pictures. 

Make bonfire bread by the lake

We make bonfire bread over our campfire placed by the lake. It is one of our favorites. Both Vi bager tit snobrød ved vores bålplads ved søen. It is a fun activity for both adults and children. The activity is free!

Have pool parties

We are having pool parties once a week in during the summer holiday. We will play this summers hit songs over the speakers, sell candy and soda and we will swim the whole evening!

This weeks activityprogram